December 26th in Injuries, Week # 16 by Tom Byrne .

Fantasy Week # 16 – Sit/Start Rankings

It’s Fantasy Football Superbowl Week!!!  If you are still alive, there are some critical decisions to be made.  The likes of Maurice Jones-Drew, Andre Johnson and Antonio Gates are all potentially not playing this week due to injuries.  Check our ESPN’s Stephania Bell’s Week # 16 Saturday Injury Report.  Listed on the injury report are:  Kyle Orton, Brett Favre, MJD, Adrian Peterson, Joseph Addai, Knowshon Moreno, Malcolm Floyd, Andre Johnson, Chad Ochocinco, Todd Heap and Antonio Gates.

Finally for all your [...]

December 18th in Injuries, Week # 15 by Tom Byrne .

Fantasy Week # 15 – Sit/Start Rankings

It’s Playoffs…Maybe not the NFL version, but certainly the Fantasy version.  I hope this post finds you still in the hunt for the coveted Super Bowl, cold hard cash and of course bragging rights for a year!!! 

As we have all season, we will focus on both injuries and modeled sit/start rankings to put your team in the best possible position to humiliate your opponent. 

ESPN’s Stephania Bell’s Saturday Injury Report is out an includes the likes of:Matt Cassell, Kyle Orton, David [...]

December 12th in Injuries, Week # 14 by Tom Byrne .

Fantasy Week # 14 – Sit/Start Rankings

NFL Week # 14 is the first round of playoffs for most Fantasy Leagues.  The competition in Fantasy Football is always about getting a victory this week and having bragging rights or even $$ awards based on your performance.  That being said, it is important to put your best line-up forward and you must always start with injuries. ESPN’s Stephania Bell’s Saturday Injury Report  is out and includes impact players including:Brett Favre, Matt Cassell, Ryan Torrain, Pierre Thomas, Brandon Marshall, Percy [...]

December 5th in Injuries, Week # 13 by Tom Byrne .

Fantasy Week # 13 – Sit/Start Rankings

Fantasy Owners it’s the Final Week of the Regular Season for most leagues and a playoff spot could be in the balance today.  If you are not in the running for a spot, it is always fun to play the spoiler and knock your competition out of the money!

Key Injuries this week according toESPN’s Stephania Bell Saturday Injury update  include: Ben Roethlisberger, Adrian Peterson, Mike Tolbert, Joseph Addai, Ryan Torrain, Pierre Thomas, Brandon Marshall, Santana Moss, Kenny Britt, Steve Smith [...]

November 25th in Week # 12 by Tom Byrne .

Fantasy Week # 12 – Sit/Start Rankings


Week # 12 means Fantasy Owners get a bonus of 3 games on Thanksgiving Day.  Eat a lot, spend time with friends and family and then keep an eye on your fantasy team.  This is the home stretch and your sit/start decisions in week # 12 will decide if you make the playoffs and have a chance for bragging rights and even cold hard cash.

As I have been endorsing all season, check out Fantasy Football Nerd’s Sit/Start Rankings.

Good Luck!!!

November 17th in Week # 11 by Tom Byrne .

Fantasy Week # 11 – Sit/Start Rankings

NFL Week #11 marks the end of Bye Weeks as well as the final playoff push for Fantasy Football Owners.  If you are still alive in your league, it is critical to optimize every point in your week #11 starting line-ups. 

I have consistently used Fantasy Football Nerd’s rankings to get the right line-up.  The rankings are great when trying to decide your #2 running back or your # 3 wide receivers and your flex positions.  Notice in the notes for [...]

November 14th in Injuries, Week # 10, Weekly Advice by Tom Byrne .

Fantasy Injury Impact – Week # 10

ESPN’s Stephania Bell has published her Week # 10 Saturday Injury Report. 

Key players not likely to play in Week # 10 are Vince Young, Joseph Addai, DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Austin Collie, Steve Smith (NYG), Owen Daniels and Kenny Britt.

See the Sit/Start Rankings to fill your lineup for a successful Fantasy Football Week # 10.

November 14th in Week # 10 by Tom Byrne .

Fantasy Week # 10 – Sit/Start Rankings

It’s Week # 10 of the NFL Season and I hope that your Fantasy Football team is still in the running for playoffs.  The Packers, Saints, Raiders and Chargers all have a bye this week.  Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Phillip Rivers and Antonio Gates will all be on your bench.

Check out Fantasy Football Nerd’s Week # 10 Sit/Start Rankings.

November 7th in Injuries, Week # 9 by Tom Byrne .

Fantasy Injury Impact – Week # 9

ESPN’s Stephania Bell has issued her Saturday Injury Report for Week # 9.  Guys out this week are Matt Hasselback, Pierre Thomas, Donald Driver and Anthony Gonzalez (now done for the season.)  On the doubtful list are:DeAngelo Williams, Reggie Bush, Joseph Addai, Malcom Floyd, Zach Miller and Antonio Gates.  Also, Percy Harvin is listed as questionable and has not practiced at full speed all week so you may want to see if you have better options on your bench. 

Please see [...]

November 7th in Week # 9 by Tom Byrne .

Fantasy Week # 9 – Sit/Start Rankings

For most Fantasy Football Leagues, 8 games are in the books and 8 more to go including playoffs.  The NFL schedule has 6 more teams on byes this week; Broncos, Jaguars, 49ers, Rams, Titans and Redskins.  Not in your line-ups this week are studs like Brandon Lloyd, Knowshon Moreno, Kyle Orton, Maurice Jones-Drew, Frank Gore, Steven Jackson and Chris Johnson.  Key injuries this week on guys you need to avoid are: DeAngelo Williams, Reggie Bush, Joseph Addai (and Mike Hart), [...]

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